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Postdoc at the Department of Chemistry

UPOZORNĚNÍ: Platnost tohoto inzerátu již vypršela.

The Dean of the Faculty of Science of the University of Ostrava announces a job vacancy

  • Postdoc at the Department of Chemistry (f/m)


  • Global Experts

Expected start date

  • 1st of June, 2024 (or by agreement), 12-month duration, full-time

Location, Place of work

  • Faculty of Science, University of Ostrava, Czech Republic

Research field

  • Exploring the potential of renewable organic resources for selective CO2 capture and wastewater treatment.


  • Gross monthly salary 50,000 CZK (approx. 2,000 EUR at the exchange rate of 25 CZK/EUR)

Qualifications and other requirements

  • PhD in Chemistry or related field, obtained less than 5 years ago, (excl. maternity/parental leave), for Ph.D. degree obtained abroad, recognition of the foreign university degree will be required
  • EU research level: R2 - Recognized
  • Experience in the use of renewable organic resources for environmental remediation
  • Adequate publishing activity incl. at minimum two publications (WoS) as main (first, corresponding) author in the last 3 years in the field of renewable organic resources
  • Fluent English, comparable to B2 level, knowledge of other languages will be an advantage
  • International collaboration and academic stay experience totalling 3 months
  • Ability to work in a team

Language in which the selection process will be conducted

  • English

List of Documents Required from the Applicant (in English)

Research project

The candidate is expected to provide research project (limited to one page A4, free form), in which summarizes his/her opinions/suggestions regarding the following:

  1. Which renewable organic resources can potentially be used for environmental remediation?
  2. Which strategies can be employed to functionalize the materials for their use in water treatment and CO2 sorption?
  3. How the efficiency of the proposed materials can be enhanced in comparison to the existing materials?


Applications for the selection procedure with all the documents required should be sent electronically to the following address: .

Deadline for on-time applications

  • 6th of April, 2024

The first round of the selection procedure will take place without the personal presence of the candidates by the assessment of the submitted materials by the selection committee.

The Dean of the Faculty reserves the right to invite only selected candidates to a personal meeting and also the right not to select any candidate. The selection procedure may be cancelled or repeated at the initiative of the Dean of the Faculty.

Factual consultations are possible via e-mail to Prof. Dr. Sonia Zulfiqar: .
Formal information can be reached at Human Resources Department: .


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