Ecological Software

These downloadable ecological programs are freeware. They focus on community ecology analyses created by Pavel Drozd and Vojtěch Novotný. The software works under MS Excel (originally written in Visual Basic for the MS Excel 2003 version, but compatible with the 2007 and 2010 versions). Any commercial use of the programs is possible only with the consent of the authors. For more details click on the  Help button when you open the workbook or download the User’s Guide directly from the list of links. The authors would appreciate if you could send them a reprint of any paper using the program.

Any bugs or problems with the software should be reported to .

Please note that you have to enable macros for MS Excel before you open workbooks (set macro security level to Medium, open the workbook and click on Enable macros).


The program calculates species accumulation curves and several other parameters (singletons, occurrences, abundance etc.) with increasing sampling effort (replicated with or without replacement for given numbers of samples). Results are summarized using several statistics (mean, median, variance etc.) AccuCurve, User’s guide, licence.


An easy way to calculate various community ecology parameters (species richness, abundance, singletons, diversity indices, evenness, number of species and specimens for Tischler’s dominance classes) and similarity matrices for species/sample data. EcoComPaC, User’s guide, licence.


Software for modeling abundance patterns in biological communities, using various niche division algorithms. PowerNiche, User’s guide, licence.

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