Applied Informatics (a full-time)

Name of study programme: Applied Informatics
Type of studies: doctoral
Form of studies: presence
Degree: Ph.D.
Language: English
Standard length of studies: 4 years
Maximum length of studies: 6 years
Study plan
Faculty: Faculty of Science
Department: Department of Informatics and Computers


The Doctoral Study programme (DSP) Applied Informatics deepens the knowledge of theories and models of formal tools to describe and analyse complex information systems and algorithms to solve problems in informatics in accordance with the current knowledge in the world. The DSP Applied Informatics is not divided in specialisations, but rather strengthens interdisciplinarity between the areas of informatics. The study objective is to prepare the graduate to think logically, perform scientific research in the area of applied informatics, propose advanced research methods and procedures, and broaden the current state of knowledge of applied informatics. The graduates will be able to use the acquired knowledge in systematic solutions of tasks in the area of applied informatics using modern methods and methodologies. The graduate demonstrates dep knowledge of selected disciplines in informatics, is able to propose original solutions, formulate own findings, and present them to the scientific community at the international level. The graduate is able to work on various research projects independently or in a team as well as to form and lead own research team. The graduate is able to communicate in English, present the results and discuss them at scientific seminars and conferences. The graduate is ready to apply for national and foreign grants and investigate them successfully. In the framework of the DSP Applied Informatics, the student thematically focuses on one of areas that are related to research directions at the University of Ostrava and the Faculty of Science (fuzzy modelling, artificial intelligence, soft computing, information systems security, optimisation, business processes modelling). Specialised subjects will deepen the knowledge of modern disciplines in informatics, their interconnection and application. Particular specialisation will be related to active research investigated by the supervisor.

Graduate's profile:

The graduates of the DSP Applied Informatics will acquire comprehensive knowledge in profiled areas of informatics to such extent that they are able to scientifically wok in informatics and as experts to work in teams solving problems from different areas where system and algorithmic approach is an important part of formulating and solving the problem. They are also able to find original solutions, formulate new findings, communicate at an international forum, work in a team, and solve complex tasks using appropriate formalisms or by proposing suitable methods, e.g. by using formal logic, fuzzy mathematics, or biologically inspired models.

The graduates are able to independently acquire more expert knowledge and implement it, formulate and present their results to expert public. They are able to perform at international conferences, chair scientific seminars, and publish in scientific journals. They are able to cooperate and communicate in English at an international level, be members of international research teams. They are able to apply for and investigate research grants and projects focused on the area of applied informatics.

The knowledge profile of a graduate of the Doctoral study programme Applied Informatics at the University of Ostrava corresponds with the above-stated objectives.

A graduate of the Doctoral study programme Applied Informatics masters the methodology of scientific work and is able to think and scientifically work independently. The development of creative skills in informatics, development of presentation skills, and the need to cooperate while solving problems imply the assumption for graduates' employment as researchers at universities, research workplaces, research laboratories as well as heads of research teams in organisations dealing with analytical and expert activities using the state-of-the-art findings in informatics.

Admission procedure:

The admission procedure for doctoral study programmes complies with the Study and Examination regulations of the University of Ostrava.

Electronic application: e-přihláška
Results of the admission procedure: výsledky přijímacího řízení uchazečů
Form of the admission procedure: oral
Information on admission procedure 2020/2021: will be specified at the beginning of 2020
Further details: doc. RNDr. PaedDr. Eva Volná, PhD.

The Study programmes realised by the University of Ostrava are available for disables persons, if not stated otherwise in a particular study programme. If you have any questions regarding the availability of the study programme concerning disabilities, please, contact the Pyramid Centre of the UO. email: ; telephone: +420 553 46 1234, mobile: +420 733 784 095.

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